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Shiatsu & Acupressure Massage

Shiatsu and Acupressure Massage

Japanese from “shi”, meaning finger, and “atsu”, meaning pressure.  This technique uses fingers and palm of the hand to stimulate various points along the the meridian system, bringing about relief by balancing the Yin and Yang energies in the body, stimulating your body’s inherent healing process, and restoring well being.

Acupressure and Shiatsu view a person not as separate parts but as a whole – body, emotions, mind, and spirit as one.

Shiatsu is traditionally performed on a futon mat while the client is fully clothed.   However, stimulation of the points with the fingers and palms and through meridian stretches can be combined with Swedish MassageDeep Tissue Massage, or Hot Stone Massage to release stiff or tender pressure points.  As an addition to an acupressure treatment Aromatherapy essential oils may be placed on the points to  relax muscular tension and balance the vital life forces of the body.