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Japanese Zen Facial Massage

JApanese Zen FAcial Massage

In Japan, facial massage is deeply embedded in the traditional ancient healing art of Shiatsu and is seen as a part of a full body treatment with the objective of health and longevity.  This unique combination of acupressure and Zen Facial Massage balances the emotions and results in relief from tension and migraine headaches, neck pain, temporomandibular joint disorder, and sinusitis.

Going beyond Swedish Massage, Japanese Zen Facial Massage concentrates on opening up the acupressure meridians that energize the face, head, and shoulders to achieve a balancing and grounding effect of the entire body.

Other benefits include:

* Increasing the flow of oxygen and blood to the facial area, neck, and shoulders

* Toning and tightening of the skin, muscles, and fascia

* Lymphatic drainage and detoxification of skin and organ systems

* Better mental alertness, focus and relaxation

* Emotional balancing through the application of Aromatherapy essential oils and Acupressure

* Preventive maintenance for aging and skin blemishes