I am Flexible

Deep Tissue Massage

This method uses a firmer pressure and is great for those experienced with therapeutic massage, active clients and athletes. As the body relaxes through Swedish Massage, the massage strokes penetrate into the deeper areas of chronic, long-standing muscular tension. The slower strokes, more direct deep pressure, and friction applied across the grain of the muscle assists the break up and elimination scar tissue.

Other deep tissue methods such as neuromuscular therapy and myofascial or connective tissue massage may be used.  Athletes find these to be a productive addition to our Sports Massage sessions.

Neuromuscular therapy, also known as trigger point therapy, is a method that applies concentrated finger pressure to irritated areas in the muscle tissue to break cycles of spasm and pain.  When they are pressed upon they trigger referred sensations that may feel like pain, tingling,  or numbness.  A therapist will use this technique to bring balance between muscles, skeletal system, and the nervous system.

Connective Tissue Massage is a technique used for increasing range of motion in the body, improving posture, and increasing harmony throughout the entire body and mind.  It works by releasing myofascial restrictions found in the fascial tissue; the tissue that surrounds, protects, and supports all of the structures in the body.  It is often more intense than a Swedish Massage and a massage lotion or oil is not typically used. The therapist will apply the strokes more slowly and with more pressure than in a general Swedish Massage in order to warm the muscle tissue and reach the deeper layers of muscle.