327 W. Fayette St.
Suite 100
(Mill Pond Landing)
Syracuse, NY 13202

Michelle Finlon

Michelle performs massage cupping, deep tissue, postural work, and sports massage to assist athletes with body maintenance and injury recovery.  She enjoys working with a wide variety of people and finds her work fulfilling as positive transformation reveals itself during the sessions.  In every session, her focus is to help relieve discomfort or pain in the body by providing an effective, yet relaxing experience.

Michelle is a Syracuse native and graduate of the Onondaga School of Therapeutic Massage.  Michelle began her journey into massage therapy after seeing firsthand the support massage therapy provided to a close family member at a critical time of need.  Since this time, she could not resist learning and advocating for this profession.  She understands that touch is not a mere luxury but a catalyst for physical, emotional, and mental healing.

Michelle previously attended Onondaga Community College with a focus on psychology — specifically those geared towards mental health disorders and early childhood development.

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