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Swedish Massage -Armory Massage Therapy - Syracuse NY

Swedish Massage

This classic form of massage employs gentle techniques on the outer layers of the body to improve circulation, relieve tense muscles, and encourage relaxation.

Deep Tissue Massage - Armory Massage Therapy -Syracuse NY


Deep Tissue Massage

Deep penetration into affected muscles increases circulation and flexibility while decreasing pain.




Sports Massage - Armory Massage Therapy - Syracuse NY

Sports Massage

Received regularly sports massage may help athletes prevent injuries and overuse.




Pregnancy Massage

Massage provides comfort and relaxation during this exciting time of change.







Organic Spa Oil - Armory Massage Therapy - Syracuse NY

Aromatherapy Massage

Choose a single note or combination of aromatherapy oils to create a more uplifting or restful experience.





Japanese Zen Facial Massage Man Syracuse NY

Japanese Zen Facial Massage

Show off your inner radiance, balance your entire body, and relieve common discomforts such as headaches and computer eye strain.




Acupressure & Shiatsu - Armory Massage Therapy - Syracuse NY

Shiatsu and Acupressure Massage

Bringing about relief by balancing the Yin and Yang energies in the body, stimulating your body’s inherent healing process, and restoring well being.






Hot Stone Massage - Armory Massage Therapy -  Syracuse NY

Hot Stone Massage

Feel each muscle melt under the warmth of heated stone.




Massage Cupping - Armory Massage Therapy - Syracuse NYMassage Cupping Bodywork Therapy

Massage Cupping is an exciting modern bodywork adaptation of the ancient art of cupping therapy used in Traditional Chinese Medicine




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