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“I wanted to reach out to you and tell you how amazing my massage was today. Karen did a phenomenal job, had great technique, service, and made my long overdue muscles relax. I have not been to armory in about 2 years and this reminded me why I prefer Armory. You have an amazingly talented staff, nice decor and  convenient location. Thank you for the much stress relief and relaxation I needed.”


“Just got back from a great one hour massage at Armory Massage Therapy. I feel upbeat and motivated, ready to take life on. I attribute my smiling and give back attitude to your great service.”


“I can’t say enough good things about our experiences on Saturday. Our massages were phenomenal and we left feeling rejuvenated and whole again. We didn’t feel sore the next day either. We definitely want to schedule another visit.”


“It was certainly one of the deepest massages I’ve ever had but one of the best as well. I felt really loosened up. I spent most of the weekend in a state of maximum “chillaxing” and resting up after being stressed out for quite some time. I had a nice time reading, listening to music, watching a ball game and sleeping. Thanks for the awesome therapy!”


“I just wanted to take a moment to tell you about how my monthly massages have been benefiting my life! As you know, I will be undergoing surgery in just a couple of weeks, and I was so stressed out that I could not sleep, concentrate and my hair was beginning to fall out. My massage last evening must have done the trick, because my migraine headache went away and I slept through the night. I look forward to my massage every month and always leave feeling so much better – far more calm and relaxed, and I also notice that my posture has improved. My therapist takes the time to ask how I am feeling before the massage begins and she addresses each specific concern during my session, which I appreciate. Not only is the massage relaxing, but I know that it is also accomplishing something and working to improve my health and mental wellbeing – which I also appreciate!”

“I just wanted to say thank you again for the wonderful experience yesterday! Being my first professional massage, I really had no idea what to expect, and I was a bit nervous, but you both made it extremely relaxing for me. You have a great facility, and a great staff- I really felt like I was being treated like a princess! I took your advice and stretched my shoulders back, and drank lots of water. So far so good- almost no soreness! I have never felt so loose and fluid in my life- I am definitely going to make massage a regular part of my schedule!

Hopefully you’ll get a few new clients coming in: I’ve already recommended you to some family and friends!”

~Noël Frodelius


“I really enjoyed our first session. Even a week out, I’m amazed at how flexible I still am. I really liked the dynamic stretching you did. I’m trying to focus on body position (ie. I have a tendency to keep my right arm elevated when eating, writing, working on the computer) to keep my shoulders detached from my earlobes. It also seems to be helping with my stress level.
“Thanks so much! I’ve already recommended you to some friends of mine.”

~Beth N.


“It’s a perfect combination of being relaxing and therapeutic. Your approach is friendly and calm, yet still professional”

~Debra M.


“Just a quick note to thank-you for the work that you did with me preceding the Canandaigua 50 Miler. With the problems that my back and legs were giving me prior to race day I was really unsure that I would be able to even line up for the start much less finish. With your help I was able to complete the race in a very respectable time on a day with record heat and humidity. After the race my legs were tired but my back was as good as it has ever been! Thanks again!”


“Melissa has a strong healing touch, not only is she ‘in touch’ physically, however she is ‘touch’ mentally with the ability to discern the appropriate muscles that need to be worked on most. Very willing to share her knowledge and skills from massage to shiatsu, her wide range of knowledge, strong desire to heal her clients and their well being.”

~Monica B.


“Melissa Heavener brings with her considerable skills as a massage therapist the most important aspect of healing – the ability to listen to her client’s body and perceive what it is that is happening and needs to shift. Her profound intuition is a catalyst for release,relaxation and wholeness beyond what I’ve experienced in other massage therapists.”

~Leigh S.


“I regularly recommend Melissa to my friends and associates. I see Melissa for preventative care and stress reduction. I have found that Melissa has a special talent for finding and working on problem areas – she would often find tightness in muscles that I wasn’t even aware of. I always enjoy the sessions and highly recommend her.”

~Steve M.


“Melissa’s skills as a body worker combine intuitive touch with an exhaustive knowledge of the body and how it works. Her spare time is spent learning about anatomy and energy, and she integrates her very complete knowledge of physiology with a love of her work. Her touch is sometimes tender, sometimes deep, depending on what is called for at the time. In my own case, she has released the residue of chronic stress related tension, repaired exercise injuries, and…when asked…she has also given me a ‘be good to myself’ relaxing massage….the kind you wish you could get at a spa in the Caribbean, but seldom do. It sounds corny to say that Melissa has a healing touch, but I believe that to be the case. I feel fortunate to have found her.”

~Barbara C.


“Of all the massage therapists I have experienced, no one matches your knowledge of muscle anatomy and physiology. I say sincerely that you are the best massage therapist I have ever had. You have a great knack for locating the muscle knots/sore spots and knowing how much pressure to apply. It keeps me healthy and able to exercise etc.”

~John L.


“Melissa Heavener is a gifted massage therapist. She is intuitive and integrates numerous techniques that are very effective. Above that, Melissa has a deep understanding of soft tissue injury and body mechanics. Melissa is a true healer!”

~Dr. Bonnie S. Hillsberg, Chiropractor


“I did not know that hard work could feel so good or be so beneficial! Melissa’s excellent training in many practices allows her to apply the right combination of techniques wherever they are needed. After my sessions I not only feel better, I continue to feel the benefit days and weeks later. My work with Melissa has complimented my goal of living a better, healthier, and more comfortable life.”

~Charolette M.

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