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Elizabeth Rocklin

“Liz is a life-saver and really knows massage therapy. She reduced my neck pain significantly and helped me through a rough emotional time as well. Ten stars.”

Licensed Massage Therapist

Liz has been trained by The Swedish Institute in New York City. She grew up in a Northwest suburb of Chicago, Illinois, before living in NYC from 2007-2018. Liz’s Mom frequently gave her and her siblings back massages to help with relaxation around the house. Only in return for foot massages, of course. Her family also owns and operates a restaurant. What brings Liz joy is helping and serving others.

Since graduating the Swedish Institute, Liz has further developed a detailed massage technique for both body and mind relaxation. Having a former desk job for ​six​ years herself, Liz knows the aches and pains that can develop from postural imbalances and has worked hard to find relief in her own body. Liz takes each clients’ story into consideration in developing a treatment plan; is the person working long hours a day in a car or at a desk, are they living with or recovering from a serious health condition, are they experiencing digestive issues related to stress, do they have children at home, have they recently upped their fitness game? When a client comes in for a massage, Liz truly believes it takes two to start the path to feeling … more …what’s the word… AWESOME! She speaks with her clients during the massage to decide whether the touch should transition to a deeper and more therapeutic pressure, or to approach the tissue more slowly with a sensitive therapeutic touch. As much as she can, Liz is interested in educating clients about self care to truly fuel the healing process.

Liz also earned her Bachelors in Communication Arts from Marymount Manhattan College, and is a former digital video producer/writer and video editor for NBCUniversal and 15 Minutes of Frame event cinematography.


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